A professional membership in the Starkville-MSU PRAM chapter also includes
membership in the state PRAM chapter. Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF),
which brings together Mississippi public relations students and professionals with
others in Alabama, Louisiana and north Florida.

Student members receive the same benefits as professional members plus the
additional incentive of mentorship opportunities and personal assistance with resumes
and online portfolios. The MSU Department of Communication and PRAM have also
partnered to offer a student bundle including membership to PRAM and their
Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. For more information on the
student bundle for both chapter memberships, contact 
Dr. Terri Hernandez.


James Carskadon

PRAM President

Research Editor
MSU Office of Public Affairs

Bethany Shipp

PRAM Past President

Comunications Specialist
MSU College of Education

JoLee Clark

VP of Programs

Communications Coordinator
MSU Center for Distance Education

Kelli Anthony

VP of Communication

Instructor II
MSU Dept. of Communication

Vanessa Beeson

VP of Membership

Publications Editor
MSU College of Forest Resources

Sarah Moody


Publications Manager
MSU School of Human Sciences

Dr. Terri Hernandez

Member at Large

Assistant Professor
MSU Dept. of Communication

Brittany Greer

Member at Large

Communications Coordinator
National Research & Training Center on Blindness & Low Vision